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History of the company starts from foundation of JSC “Electroterm-system” in 1989. In the of 90s NII LLC “Energoterm-system” had become its successor.

During 1989-1998 JSC “Electroterm-system” in tight cooperation with leading experts of VNIIETO, GIPRostal, R&D enterprise “Sibelectroterm”, “IMET“, Moscow Steel ad Alloys Institute, GIREDmet, “IPL” (Kiev), “ LenNIIGiprochrom” et al. had realized several projects of equipment and process engineering including the unique ones. Among them are: siliconmanganese dump slags processing technology for production of high-state quality silicomanganese in plasma shaft furnaces; processing technology of Yarega leucoxene (supplied from the world largest Yarega deposit of titanium–containing ores) into titanium-silicon-calcium alloying compositions; creation of induction-plasma plant -500.

During this period the following works had been designed (as well as corresponding equipment): the Biysk carbide plant; the Kashira basalt thermo-insulating materials factory; the carbide workshop at the “Centrolit” Works; the carbide plant in Kungrad; Shakhovskoy brickyard of semidry pressing technique; the workshop project for Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-magnesium Works.

Scientific R&D company “Energoterm-system” since the end of 90s had designed and manufactured in cooperation with the above mentioned scientific organizations and also GINTSvetmet, MSTU n. a. Bauman, Teploproject, Powder metallurgy Institute, Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technology the following:
- equipment for production of antimony and antimony oxide, Ust-Nera, Jakutia;
- flux cored wire production line at Volgograd Steel Works “Krasnyi Oktyabr”;
- fluoroflogopite production workshop at Berezniki titanium-magnesium Works;
- technological complex for production and refining of lead (ore smelting electric furnaces, refining electric furnaces, drum-type drying furnace etc (Sorsk lead and zinc Works, Ozersk lead Works “TSVETMETService”);
- the projects of hydrogen furnaces design and modernization of the electric arc furnace for Moscow factory of hard and refractory materials had been realized.

The approvals package of the project of the shop for processing of Waste heat boiler slags from the waste incineration plant had been completed. Slags are processed into building gravel and slag wool what makes the waste incineration plant profitable and promises return of investments (total project design provides LLC ”Tepenergo”). Realization of this project would provide environmental safety thanks to introduction of the processing line between waste heat boilers and the flue gas stack. This line could reduce the concentration of dioxins and furans lower than MPC level as never before at any of incineration plants.

Scientific R&D company “Energoterm-system” comprises the machine-building plant and the R&D department. Scientific R&D LLC “Energoterm-system” accumulated substantial experience of full-scale realization of projects, including production design, development of design documentation for non-standardized equipment, manufacturing of automatic process control systems, installation work, assembly contract supervision, participation in assimilation of up to date technologies.

This experience as well as scientific potential, high qualification of workers and engineers provide fruitful results of solution of numerous scientific and technological problems in the way of new equipment design including up-to-date technological lines for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and production of constructional materials.